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Full text of "History Of The Theory Of Numbers - I"

Genty1 noted that the highest power of 2 dividing (2n) ! is 22n~1, and the quotient is 3n-1(5-7)n-2(9-ll-13-15)n-3(17. . .31)n~4. . .(2n-l). In general if P = 2m+2nj+. . .+2% where the n's decrease, the highest power of 2 dividing PI is 2p~r.
A. M. Legendre2 proved that if pM is the highest power of the prime p which divides m\, and if [x] denotes the greatest integer ^x,
where s = a0+ . . . +an is the sum of the digits of m to the base p :
Th. Bertram3 stated Legendre's result m an equivalent form. H. Anton4 proved that, if n=vp+a,j a<p, v<p, and p is a prime,
— ;s5(p-l)'a!t>! (modp), while, if v
-~p= (p - l)t4Va ! a ! w ! w ! (mod p) .
D. Andre*5 stated that the highest power pM of the prime p dividing n! is given explicitly by /i^Sjlfln/p*] and claimed that merely the method of finding M had been given earlier. He applied this result to prove that the product of n consecutive integers is divisible by n!.
J. Neuberg6 determined the least integer m such that ml is divisible by a given power of a prime, but overlooked exceptional cases.
L. Stickelberger7 and K. Hensel8 gave the formula [cf. Anton4].
rff} \
(2)                              ^E(-l)*a0!aJ...an!(modp).
F. de Brun9 wrote g[u] for the exponent of the highest power of the prime p dividing u. He gave expressions for
in terms of the functions ft (a; k) = lfc+2fc+ . . . +a*.    A special case gives (1).
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